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ESD Containers

Your Guaranteed Guard Against Electrostatic Discharge

ESD Plastic storage bins

ESD Grounding Wire

Akro-Mils ESD containers allow you to safely store and transport sensitive electronic components. Molded of revolutionary CarmelStat, our ESD containers safely dissipate electrostatic charges that can severely damage electronic parts. Superior to conductive containers which possess a high risk of damage from uncontrolled discharges, our ESD containers provide the highest degree of protection available.

Consistent uniform surface resistivities in the range of 106 - 109 ohms. Static dissipative qualities won't wear or wash away. ESD protection is molded-in for a lifetime of electrostatic-safe use. 1% carbon black content makes our bins low-sloughing, keeping the black in the bin, not on your components. Based on Akro-Mils standard AkroBin and Shelf Bin storage systems, the ESD line has the same dependable features of their counterparts: heavy-duty construction; a resistance to water, oil, grease, weak acids and alkalis; and an ergonomic design.

Model Length Width Height Carton Qty List Price Carton Price
30210ESD 5-3/8 4-1/8 3 24 $142.08 $90.00
30220ESD 7-1/8 4-1/8 3 24 $190.56 $120.70
30230ESD 10-7/8 5-1/2 5 12 $220.56 $139.70
30235ESD 10-7/8 11 5 6 $172.80 $109.45
30240ESD 14-3/4 8-1/4 7 12 $570.96 $361.65
98100 ESD Grounding Wire   $11.86 $7.55

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