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U1525EA Electric Hand Dryer

U1525EA Hand Dryer

U1525EA ColorsU1525EA Surface Mounted 12 7/8 w x 8 3/4 h x 6 5/8 d
No Touch operation with an automatic drying cycle
Motor-Brushless 3450 RPM 1/8 HP. 2 position nozzle, 30-50 second drying cycle, 2300 watts,120 or 230 volt option, 130-140 temp output. Cover is fabricated of heavy duty die cast aluminum housing with baked white enamel finish.

See color chart for optional colors available. Colors add $57.75 to price and chrome adds $82.95 to price below.



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Model Mounting Drying Cycle Voltage QNS PRICE
U1525EA-120 Surface Auto 120V


U1525EA-230 Surface Auto 230V $286.80

Hand/Hair Dryer - Semi-recessed

Semi-Recessing Kit: Heavy gauge steel recessing box will convert a surface mounted dryer to semi-recessed, #8B bright stainless steel faceplate with louvers will provide a finished appearance for dryer. Dryer will not extend past 4" to comply with ADA code. Optional color faceplates to match cover are available as an option, add $12.30.
U020A: Kit for U1525(discontinued) and U1525EA Series
U021A: Kit for U1521(discontinued) and U1521EA(discontinued) Series



Model Push Botton/Hands Free Finish Voltage QNS PRICE
U1525EA/020-120** Hands Free White 120V

Call for Availability

U1525EA/020-230** Hands Free White 230V Call for Availability
U025A Semi-Recessed Conversion Kit for U1525/1525EA series $92.75
U021A Semi-Recessed Conversion Kit for U1521/1521EA series $92.75


UHRD-120/130 Surface Hair Dryer with Wand
120V or 230 V

Model Voltage QNS PRICE


120V Call for Availability
UHRD-230** 230V Call for Availability

U1511EA Hand Dryer


Industrial strength coil wound on mica support protected by temperature limit. Infra-red microprosser control allows multi-voltage application. Powder coated white cast zinc alloy or type 304 satin stainless steel.
Overall Size 13.8" x 9.9"H x 4" D

Model Push Botton/Hands Free Finish QNS PRICE
U1511EA Hands Free White


U1511EA-SF Hands Free Satin Stainless Steel


Electric Hand DryerU1512EA Hand Dryer

Motor: Brush type, dual ball bearings, 12000 – 18000 RPM (adjustable), 15/16 HP thermally protected against overheating and is auto resetting. Available in 120 or 230V with 50 / 60 HZ Heater Element: 450 – 900 watt (adjustable) Air output temperature is 113 degrees F at nozzle with an ambient temperature of 68 degrees F. Dryer shall deliver 51-68 CFM Drying: 15 second drying time in optimum conditions. Timing protection feature of 60 seconds will automatically turn off and not restart until the sensor reset’s itself. Sensor: Hands free operation with adjustable sensor range 2” – 13”. Standard range is 7”. Cover: High gloss white painted steel cover secured to base with theft resistant fasteners. Overall Size: 8 5/64”W x 11 19/64”H x 7 6/64”D (205mm x 287mm x 180mm) U1512EA-SF: Same as U1512EA with satin finish, stainless steel cover. UnitVolts Amps Cycles
U1512EA-120V 110-120 14 50/60
U1512EA-230V 208-230 7 50/60


Model Push Botton/Hands Free Finish QNS PRICE
U1512EA Hands Free White


U1511EA-SF Hands Free Satin Stainless Steel


U1521 Electric Hand Dryer

Electric Hand Dryer

Motor: Brushless, 1/8 hp, 3450 RPM capacitor initiated with non-lubricating bearings and thermally protected against over heating. Fan: Dynamically balanced to eliminate vibration & noise. Heating Element: Dynamically balanced to eliminate vibration &noise. 2300 watt nichrome coil would element on state of the art convective cooling system. Ambient temp produced at nozzle is 70 degrees F.(21 C) Unit is protected by an integral thermal safety circuit breaker. Timer: Fully enclosed, non-mechanical timer, that automatically turns off when hands are moved away from path of sensor. Electric Eye: Sensor allows a hands free operation. When sensor beam path is disturbed, dryer will automatically turn on. When hands move away from beam, dryer stops. Cover: Fabricated of #18 ga stainless steel, #4 satin finish, spot welded to form one piece unibody construction. Cover is secured to base with two tamper resistant fasteners. Special key provided to remove cover. All seams polished smooth. Nozzle: Fixed chrome plated nozzle that can be changed from fixed to 2 position in the field. Base: One piece #14 ga steel with 3/4" returns to wall surface for maximum strength and rigidity. Unit Volts Amps Cycles Cover Overall Size: 12 5/16"W x 8 1/2"H x 7"D 313mm x 216mm x 178mm

U1521EA-120V 110-120 18 60 S/S
| U1521EA-208V 208 11 60 S/S
U1521EA-230V 220-230 10 60 S/S

Model Push Botton/Hands Free Finish QNS PRICE
U1521EA Hands Free Satin Stainless Steel





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