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U704 Stainless Steel Fixed Tilt Mirror

Frame fabricated of #18 gauge, type 304 18-8 stainless steel, fully welded one piece construction with a #4 satin finish. Mirror projects from wall 4 inches at top and tapers to 1 inch at bottom for use of wheelchair persons. Mirror surface to be 1/4 inch polished plate glass with electrolytic copper plating. Back plate shall be of #20 gauge galvanized steel which assembles to frame, concealing theft resistant mounting.


Model Size QNS PRICE
U704-1630 16" w x 30" h $112.30
U704-1824 18" w x 24" h $104.45
U704-1830 18" w x 30" h $120.65
U704-1836 18" w x 36" h $145.00
U704 -2430 24" w x 30" h $147.45
U704-2436 24" w x 36" h $149.90

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U711 Stainless Steel Channel Framed Mirror

Mirror frame fabricated of #20 gauge stainless steel, one piece formed 1/2 in x 1/2 in x 1/2 in channel, with corners precision mitered and reinforced to a hairline joint. Entire frame to be #4 brushh satin finish. No.1 quality, 1/4 in polished plate glass mirror, silver coated and sealed with electrolytic copper plating. Back plate of #20 gauge pre-coated steel which secures padding and watter resistant fillers behind mirror.

Model Size QNS PRICE
U711-1830 18" w x 30" h $41.30
U711-1836 18" w x 36" h $50.90
U711 -2430 24" w x 30" h $60.00
U711-2436 24" w x 36" h $64.15
U711-2448 24" w x 48" h $90.20
U711-4830 48" w x 30" h $136.15
U711-4836 48" w x 36" h $158.25
U711-6036 60" w x 36" h $212.80

U716 Stainless Steel Channel Framed Mirror with Shelf Combination

Channel frame mirror assembly same as U711. Shelf furnished as one piece, welded to full width of frame. #18 gauge stainless steel angle gussets permanently welded to ends for vertical support. Shelf projects 5 inches with sides turned down 1/2 inch. Front has 1/2 inch return to form rolled edge for rigidity. Entire surface finished to match mirror frame.

Model Size QNS PRICE
U716-1830 18" w x 30" h $95.85
U716-1836 18" w x 36" h $105.70
U716 -2430 24" w x 30" h $111.60
U716-2436 24" w x 36" h $117.25

U775 Stainless Steel Shelf

Shelf is fabricated of #18 gauge, type 304 18-8 alloy stainless steel. Brackets are fabricated of #16 gauge stainless steel and permanently welded to shelf. Brackets are located 30 inch on center. Finish is #4 brushed satin on all exposed surfaces and vinyl protected. Front edge of shelf is turned down and returned back under 1/2 inch for added protection. All shelves are 5 inch deep. Call for other sizes and depths not listed.
Model Size QNS PRICE
U775-16 16 inch $31.00
U775-18 18 inch $32.70
U775-24 24 inch $35.65
U775-48 48 inch $68.60
U775-60 60 inch $91.70

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