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U169A/199AW Surface Mounted Towel Cabinet with Mechanism

Roll Towel Dispensers

Cabinet is fabricated of type 304 stainless steel with #18 gauge door with #4 satin finish. Mechanism can be adjusted to dispense 3 pre-set lengths of towel per stroke. Unit can hold one 8 inch or 9 inch wide roll of towels. Pin tumbler lock is keyed like all other A&J cabinets. One hand operational and complies with ADA CODE when properly mounted. Overall 12 1/4 W x 16 H x 8 3/4D

  • U169AW-SR
    Lever Operated, Roll Towel Dispenser - Semi-Recessed
  • U169EA
    Automatic, Roll Towel Dispenser - Surface Mounted
  • U169EA-SR
    Automatic, Roll Towel Dispenser - Semi-Recessed
  • U169FL
    Full Width Lever Operated, Roll Towel Dispenser - Surface Mounted
  • U169FL-SR
    Full Width Lever Operated, Roll Towel Dispenser - Semi-Recessed
  • U169HF
    Hands-Free, Roll Towel Dispenser - Surface Mounted
  • U169HF-SR
    Hands-Free, Roll Towel Dispenser - Semi-Recessed
U169AW $225.60
U169AW-SR $236.15
U169EA $252.30
U169EA-SR $275.35
U169FL $205.55
U169FL-SR $229.30
U169HF $204.70
U169HF-SR $229.05

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U199AW Roll Paper Towel Dispensers
U199AW/HF Surface Mounted Roll Towel Dispensers

U199AW - Lever activated cabinet fabricated of high impact white plastic with paper level viewer full width of cabinet. Lever requires less than 5 lbs of force and one hand operational. Capacity - 1 8 in or 9 in wide roll
12 w x 15 h x 10 1/2 d lever
U199HF Surface Mounted Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser- Fabricated of steel back with translucent cover. Towel will be partial exposed to allow user to pull out a pre-determined amount of towel. Non-Perforated towels are required. Concealed perforating mechanism and serrated tearing bar provide a safe and clean dispensing area. Manual control spool on side of unit is used for starting roll paper dispensing mechanism. Will dispense one standard 8 in wide roll. 10 1/2 w x 15 3/4 h x 8 3/4 d

U199AW $95.90
U199HF $94.00

U199FL Roll Paper Towel Dispensers
U199FL Surface Mounted Roll Towel Dispenser

U199FL Fabricated the same as the U199A with a full width lever at the bottom in lieu of a mid cover location. Unit provides one hand operation, no turning or twisting of wrist required with less than 3 lbs of force to activate. Unit complies with ADA CODE when mounted properly. Capacity one 8 or 9 in dia roll. 10 1/2 w x 15 5/8 h x 8 5/8 d
U199CP Surface Mounted Center Pull Towel Dispenser. Cabinet is fabricated of high impact ABS material with translucent cover. Towel is dispensed at bottom of cabinet and torn from roll by a concealed leading edge that prevents injury and premature tearing of towel. Ideal for service stations and factory washrooms. Capacity - one standard center pull paper towel roll. 9 1/2 w x 12 3/8 h x 10 d

U199FL $87.25
U199CP $50.80

U199EA Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser

U199EA Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser

U199EA Towels are dispensed automatically when hands are placed below dispenser that activates motion-activated sensor. Pre-measured towel length is dispensed and will not dispense another until sensor field is re-set by moving hands away. Towels are not exposed and user touches nothing. Four (4) D-cell Alkaline batteries (4 required) are not included. Average use for alkaline batteries is 36000 hand drys. Smoke color cover allows a constant visual check on paper roll capacity. Capacity one 8 in dia roll. 10 1/2 w x 15 3/4 h x 8 3/4 d
URTCV -- Hard Wire Connection Kit for U199EA

U199EA $133.60
URTCV $33.80

U194 Paper Roll Towel Dispensers

Paper Towel Holder

Bracket: Fabricated of die cast aluminum alloy with a satin matte finish. Spindle: Detachable spindle is fabricated of the same material as bracket. Spindle is spring loaded to prevent theft and can only be removed when roll has been depleted. Controlled delivery prevents waste of towels by allowing a 1/2 revolution of spindle. Rocking action returns roll for next sheet delivery. Overall Size: 13"W x 1 3/4"H x 4 5/16"D (without roll towel) (330mm x 44mm x 102mm) Capacity: One standard household style roll towel. Core Diameter: Minimum 1 5/8" required for best results.


U194 $45.60


The Units Below are Priced On Request
Please contact QNS Distributors for availability and price.

U196 Facial Tissue Dispenser U196 Recessed Facial Tissue Dispenser

U196 - Face plate fabricated of #22 gauge stainless steel that snaps into wall housing. Housing is fabricated of heavy gauge pre-plated steel for rigidity. 250 two ply tissue
12 w x 6 1/4 h x 4 1/8 d Wall opening 10 3/4 w x 5 1/4 h x 4 d
U196A - Same as 196 only smaller
U196-BX - Recessed mounted tissue box only, mounted behind face of counter cut out. This is easily filled from the side without using the spring loaded panels or any other movable parts.
U196A-BX Same as U196-BX only smaller
U196-8B - Same as U196 with bright 8B stainless steel finish
U196A-8B - Same as U196A with bright 8B stainless steel finish
U197-SF Surface Mounted

Model Capacity/Style
U196 250 / Stainless
U196A 150 / Stainless
U196A-BX 250 / Tissue Box Only
U196-BX 150 / Tissue Box Only
U196-8B** 250/Tissue Box/Stainless
U196A-8B** 150/Tissue Box/Stainless
U197-SF 150 / Tissue Box Only

Roll Paper Towel Dispenser U170HF  Hands Free, Sensor Activated A & J WashroomU170HF/UF170HF-SR Surface Stainless Steel Hands Free
Roll Towel Dispenser

U170HF - Mechanically Operated Surface Mounted
U170HF-SR - Mechanically Operated Semi-Recessed
U170EA - AC Adaptor, Sensor Activated - Surface Mounted**
U170EA-SR -- AC Adaptor, Sensor Activated - Semi-recessed**
U170EAB -- Battery Operated Surface Mounted**
U170EAB-SR -- Battery Operated Semi-recessed


U236AW Lever Operated Roll Towel Dispenser

Cabinet: Fabricated of #22 ga stainless steel. Flange: Fabricated of #22 gauge stainless steel one piece construction with 1/4" returns for maximum strength. No visible miters or seams. Cabinet Back: #22 gauge stainless steel secured to body with multiple welds. Door: #22 gauge stainless steel secured to cabinet body by means of a full length, heavy duty stainless steel piano type hinge along with a pin tumbler type lock, keyed like all other A&J cabinets. Towel Dispenser: Mechanism is fabricated of high impact plastic and #20 gauge steel has a capacity for one standard roll and one stub roll. Lever can be operated with one hand and less than 5 lbs of force to comply with ADA code. Mechanism has three settings to adjust for desired towel lengths. Collars: #22 gauge stainless steel, one piece construction finished to match cabinet body. U236: Recessed Roll Towel Dispenser

Overall Size: 14 1/4"W x 18"H x 10 1/4"D (362mm x 457mm x 257mm) Wall Opening: 12 3/4"W x 16 ""x 10"D (324mm x 419mm x 254mm) Capacity: One 8" - 9" wide roll with max. 7 7/8" O.D. *600ft roll recommended for best results.

U236-S2: 2" Semi Rec. Collar w/ 8" (203mm) w/o.
U236-S4: 4" Semi Rec. Collar w/ 6" (152mm) w/o.
U236-S6: 6" Semi Rec. Collar w/ 4" (102mm) w/o.
U236-SM: Surface mounted dispenser.

U237EA Automatic Roll Towel Dispenser

U236AW Recessed $402.75**
U236AW-S2 Semi Recesed $414.70**
U236AW-S4 Semi-Recessed $420.85**
U236AW-S6 Semi-Recessed $427.60**
U236AW-SM Surface Mounted $277.20**
U237AW Recessed $388.75**
U237AW-S2 Semi Recesed $405.45**
U237AW-S4 Semi-Recessed $425.10**
U237AW-S6 Semi-Recessed $439.25**
U237AW-SM Surface Mounted $458.80**
U237EA Recessed $458.80**
U237EA-S2 Semi Recesed $405.45**
U237EA-S4 Semi-Recessed $417.75**
U237EA-S6 Semi-Recessed $426.85**
U237EA-SM Surface Mounted $549.20**


U2364AW Unidoor Lever Operated Roll Towel Dispenser Recessed


U2364AW Recessed $416.45**
U2364AW-S2 Semi Recesed $430.60**
U2364AW-S4 Semi-Recessed $452.60**
U2364AW-S6 Semi-Recessed $468.30**
U2364AW-SM Surface Mounted $495.00**



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