Sales Reps Wanted



1) This is not a "Get Rich Quick" program. Your success is proportional to the effort you expend.

2) QNS Distributors (Company) is seeking individuals who will join us as self-employed sales reps (Reps) and independent business owners. The Rep can work from his/her home by phoning potential customers in the region. The sales rep will tell the prospects that there are a variety of economically priced industrial products on QNS Distributors' website, The Rep will ask prospects to view & bookmark this website. That's it. When his/her customers are ready to buy, the Company answers the questions, if any, handles the order processing and billing of the Rep's customer.

3) Compensation will be as follows: A sales rep will receive a 50% commission of the Gross Profit on the first sale to a particular customer or company; subsequent orders by that same customer or company will earn a 30% commission. A sales rep will receive commissions earned from the subsequent sales as long as there is an existing business relationship and written agreement between the Company and the sales rep.

4) In order for the Company to give credit to the Rep for a sale that earns him/her a commission, the Rep is required to send to the Company each week a summary of those prospects called. This summary will be in the form of an Email with an attached file that lists whom the Rep contacted or
inputted to an online database. This file will include but not be limited to:

A) Company name
B) Contact name
C) Title
D) Address (street, city, state, zip code)
E) Phone number
F) Fax number
G) Contact's e-mail address

QNS Distributors may also use this contact information to perform additional communications with the sales rep's prospects. This has the potential of benefiting both the Company and the Rep because additional sales marketing brings additional sales.

5) A successful Rep is an individual who has a positive attitude, who is self motivated & disciplined, and who will set and reach attainable goals. The larger the volume of calls, the greater the quantity of sales, and the higher the amount of commission checks paid.

6) The local phone book as well as any type of directory that lists commercial and industrial companies are good sources from which to call. The Company will assist the sales rep by providing to him/her the kind & type of businesses that use those products offered by the Company.

7) If you have read thus far and there is no interest on your part, we ask that you forward this to a family member, friend, associate or acquaintance. Many individuals who are not able to leave home each day to pursue an occupation may benefit. These include:

  • Parents who are rearing very young children;
  • Retired individuals who want to supplement their pensions;
  • Part-time employed spouses who wish to increase their income without having to leave their home.

Perhaps QNS Distributors' program may do them well.

Thank you.
Quentin N. Saracino, owner

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