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Shower and Dressing Stalls


Scranton Products (Santana/Comtec/Capitol) manufactures shower stalls dressing stalls and shower cubicles that are designed to withstand abuse and use in public shower areas.

Scranton Products (Santana/Comtec/Capitol) materials resist penetration by all forms of water, including steam and mildew. odors and even soap cannot penetrate the material even during extreme temperature changes.

Our corrosion resistant solid plastic panels are the best choice for sanitary, clean environments at hospitals, schools, health clubs, military facilities, camp grounds, etc.

It's impact resistant and guaranteed against breakage, corrosion and delamination for 15 years.

Scranton Products (Santana/Comtec/Capitol) Shower Cubicles come in a large array of designs and color choices to fit any public facility.

Shower Cubicle

Shower & Dressing Stall

Dressing Stall


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