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Urinal Screens, Privacy Panels, Modesty Screen
Toilet Partitions

Scranton Products - Toilet Partitions, Urinal Privacy Screens, Vanities, Shower Stalls and Lockers

Whether it be the wall-mounted or floor mounted version, Scranton Products (Santana/Comtec/Capitol's) urinal screens provide sanitary conditions and privacy.

Constructed of solid plastic High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resin, the urinal screens are moisture proof as well as odor and stain resistant.

A 15-year guarantee against breakage, delamination and corrosion, is proof positive that Scranton Products (Santana/Comtec/Capitol's) urinal screens are designed to last even under the most difficult of circumstances

Scranton Products (Santana/Comtec/Capitol's) urinal screens are available in three styles: wall mounted, floor mounted or floor mounted overhead braced.

Regardless of your specific need, Scranton Products (Santana/Comtec/Capitol's) urinal screens are sanitary and provide easy maintenance in what's usually a heavily traveled and difficult cleaning environment.

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