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U103/U104/U105 - Surface Mounted Disposal Valve Cartridge Soap Dispenser

Unit is fabricated of high impact plastic with a cover that pivots forward to load in front for easy servicing. Push lever for easy one hand operation and less than 5 lbs of force to operate complies with ADA code. Dispenser will hold one (1) 500 or 1000 ml bag-in-a-box soap cartridge that eliminates contamination of soap. Each bag is equipped with a new valve. Cover features a keyless lock system. Viewer provides a constant visual level check on soap. Overall Size: 6 1/8" w x 10 3/8"h x 4 7/8" d -- Capacity: One 500ml 20 oz cartridge
Model U104 - Same as U103A with the capacity of two 500ml disposable cartridges. Unit is equipped with a sliding lever to switch the empty cartridge to the full. Overall Size: 7 1/4" w x 10 3/8" h x 4 3/16" D

Stainless Steel Soap DispenserU105 Surface Mounted Soap Dispenser - Same as U103A with Stainless Steel. 500 ml or 1000 ml. Overall Size: 6 3/8" w x 11 1/2"h x 5 1/4" d



U103 $34.60
U104 $34.60
U105 $85.30


U106 Surface Mounted Foot Operated Soap Dispenser

Recommended for handicapped applications due to "Hands Free" operation. Unit is fabricated of chemically resistant plastic. Spout is stainless steel. Suitable for dispensing aseptic solutions and hexachlorophene based soaps. Ideal for hospital scrub rooms. Spout is 7" in length and swings 180 degrees. 32 ounce capacity

U106 $29.50



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U109 Surface Mounted Soap Dispenser

Unit is liquid type with gravity feed valve and translucent unbreakable poly globe.
Capacity 16 ounces. --Overall Size 4" w x 7" h x 5 1/4" d to backplate

U112 - Surface Mounted Vertical Powder Soap Dispenser.

Unit is fabricated of chrome plated steel for corrosion resistance with adjustable output mechanism.
Capacity 32 ounce. 4 13/16" w x 8 1/8" h x 3 11/16" d

U109 $4.95
U112 $41.30

U128PC/U129PC Vanity Mounted All Purpose Soap Dispenser

Spout and upper assembly are fabricated of stainless steel with a bright finish. Flange collar and shank assembly are fabricated of chrome plated brass. All purpose non-corrosive valve mechanism allows antiseptic solutions, liquids, synthetic detergents to be dispensed. Poly globe allows a constant visual fluid check. Dispenser operates with less than 5 lbs of force. Servicing should always be done above vanity. See options for 4 or 6 in spout, 34 or 16 oz capacity


Model Spout Upper Assembly Capacity QNS PRICE
U128PC 4 Bright S/S 34 OZ $29.25
U128PCA 6 Bright S/S 34 OZ $32.45
U129PC 4 Bright S/S 16 OZ $29.25
U129PCA 6 Bright S/S 16 OZ $32.45

U115 Surface Mounted Powder Soap Dispenser

U115 Powder Soap Dispenser 32 Oz -- 4 7/16 w x 7 1/8 H x 4 5/8 D
U116 Soap Dispenser 16 Oz -- 3 3/8 w x 6 3/4 h x 5 1/8 d

U115 $21.85
U116 $15.75

U117 Surface Mounted Soap Dispenser

Liquid soap dispensing mechanism is fabricated of chrome plated brass with a stainless steel return spring. Soap is contained in a high impact, corrosion resistant, clear plastic container, enclosed in a highly polished stainless steel case. 12 oz
Lather or liquid valve available

U117 Liquid $22.90
U117L Lather $22.90

U120 Surface Mounted Soap Dispensers and Shelf

Unit is fabricated of stainless steel with a removable soap tank for cleaning or servicing. Unit dispenses liquid or lather soap. Recommended for mounting under mirro located above basin. Available in liquid or lather, 1 or 2 soap valves.

U120 Single Valve $78.65**
U122 Double Valve $89.70

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U113PC/U114PC Basin/Lav Mounted Soap Dispensers

Dispensers upper assembly and shank are fabricated of chrome plated brass. Bellows valve allows a constant drip-free operation ideal for liquid or lather type soaps. Poly or stainless globes are available. Dispenser will operate with less than 5 lbs of force. All servicing should be accomplished above vanity. Recommended one dispenser per basin.
Available in 4 in and 6 in spouts, liq or lath., 16 or 22 oz, poly globe or S/S. See options for choices



A & J Washroom Accessories carries a complete line of architectural and janitorial washroom accessories. Our soap dispensers can be surface mounted or recessed and can use liquid, lather or powder soap. Paper towel dispensers can handle C-Fold, Multifold or Roll . We carry Jetair electric hand dryers with brushless motors, adjustable or automatic timers and adjustable depth of field sensors. A & J also carries a complete line of waste receptacles, ashtrays, tilt mirrors and cabinets, toilet tissue dispensers, shelves, shower seats, grab bars and other janitorial, bath and security accessories.

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