Cactus Mat
Sports Matting


Golf Spike Resistant Rubber

Extremely durable Rayon and Nylon reinforced rubber compound stands up to extra rough wear and heavy traffic. Quarter inch wide corrugations run the length of the runner for easy sweeping and cleaning. Spike and Cleat resistant, slip resistant surface reduces slips and falls. Recommended for Gold Courses, Weight Rooms, Hockey Rinks, Warehouse Isles, Horse Trailers, General Industrial use. Not resistant to grease and oil. Black only
Approx. 1/4" Thick

Model 1031 1-11 22 Foot Roll 12+ 22 Foot Roll Linear Foot
List Price QNS Price List Price QNS Price List Price QNS Price
36" Wide $613.00 $328.40 $575.00 $308.05 $35.00 $18.75

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Tile Lock
For Weight Lifting and Other Gymnasium Activities

Tile Lock is a durable solid rubber interlocking floor system designed to absorb shock and noise of heavy gym equipment. It provides protection, especially from dropped free-weights. The pebbled surface adds traction, a key benefit for weight training athletes. Tile Lock may also be used in work areas and under ice skates. Not suitable for use outdoors or under golf spikes. Safety bevel edge, easy installation and removal. Fits any area - Outside dimensions of area to be covered must be divisible by two feet when using standard sections. Product may be custom cut to fit any application. Low maintenance. Four basic blocks get the job done - TL-F Full Block 2'x2', TL-B Border 1'x2', TL-OC Outside Corner 1'x2'x2', TL-IC Inside Corner 1'x1'. Approx. 3/8" Thick

Model 2560 1-25 Pc 26+ Pc
List Price QNS Price List Price QNS Price
Full Block $77.00 $41.25 $70.00 $37.50
Border $41.00 $22.00 $37.00 $19.85
Corner Outside $58.00 $31.10 $53.00 $28.40


$74.00 $39.65

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